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Prototek Pipe & Cable Locator



Prototek Line Finder 2200 Training Videos


             Intro to lineFinders                           Inductive line tracing                 Conductive line tracing


                  Power Mode                                        Locating a Sonde                            Sniffing a Frequency


Check these features:


 Sonde locating at 512 Hz and 16 Hz (ductile iron)

 Line locating at 8 KHz, 16 KHz, 32 KHz and 64 KHz

 Trace energized 60 Hz power lines

 Handle vibrates for "heads up" locating

 One Button operation

 Depth Measurement



Powerful, easy-to-use and dead-on accurate. Did we mention economical too?

TOMKAT SD Cable Avoidance Tool


Complete with:



Ground Stake

Connecting Cables

Induction Clamp

Carry Bag

With the ever increasing requirements for more information the new

TOMKAT SD data logger with depth estimation is now available.

The TOMKAT sd is a depth estimating data logging software calibrated

cable locator incorporating an OLED display.

With this locator you can download to an excell spread sheet the date and

time and how long the locator is used. 

To complement the TOMKAT SD data logger is the all new SIGEN' hl signal


The SIGEN' hl signal transmitter incorporates high and low volume as well

as intermittent & continuous outputs at the push of a switch.

The TOMKAT sd data logger along with the SIGEN' hl offer many features

designed to assist in the avoidance of buried services.

Athlete AG-318 Pipe & Cable Locator


Accurate (30-50 cm) localization of pipes or cables, 

Accurate depth measurement (up to 10 meters).

Digital measurement of depth

Tracing of live and dead cables

Determination of a current in live cables.

Survey of the ground before work

Determination of the cables deviation from main lines.

The kit consists of:

Receiver, transmitter, inductive antenna, induction clamp 

Transmitter features:

Easy to operate and does not require skilled staff.

Automatic matching with load in wide ranges of resistances.

Possibility of power choosing depending on the specified matters.

Automatic repeated matching after power changing.

Long period of continuous operation from internal accumulator.

PD-200O Pipe & Cable Locator / Fault Locator

With A Frame for Ground Fault Detection & Pinpointing

PD-2000 Pipeline Detector consists of a transmitter and a receiver, it can be used to locate trace and give depth of the underground cables and metallic pipes, it can also be used to identify a cable from a bunch of cables.



1. Output: Direct Interconnection output, Clamp Coupling Output, Radiation Induced output.

2. Output Frequency: 

1) Pipeline tracing frequency: 500Hz, 1kHz, 8kHz, 33kHz, 66kHz, and 93kHz. Here 500Hz and 1kHz are complex frequency.

2) Fault location: 8Hz very low complex frequency.

3. Output Power:

1) For 500Hz, 1kHz, 8kHz, 33kHz, and fault location frequency, the power consumption is max. 10W, four steps adjustable. They are 2.5W, 5 W, 7.5 W and 10 W.

2) For 66kHz and 93kHz, the power consumption is 1W.

4. Output voltage: max. 200V, it can be adjusted according to the load.

5. Impedance matching: fully automatic.

6. Overload and short protection: fully automatic.

7. HMI: 128 X 64 LCD.

8. Internal battery: lithium cell battery, 14.8V,7Ah.

9. External power supply: rated voltage 12VDC, cigarette lighter of car output.

10. Charger: input: AC100~240V, 50/60Hz; Output: DC16.8V, 2A.

11. Dimension: 275mm X 220mm X 100mm for the main unit.

12. Weight: 2.4kg for the main unit.

13. Working environmental: temperature: -10?-+40; humidity: 5-90%RH; altitude: <4500m.


1. Signal input: internal receiving loop, Clamp, 1k Mini Sensor, 8k Mini Sensor, A shape support.

2. Receiving frequency: 

1) Active detection frequency for pipelines: 500Hz, 1kHz, 8kHz, 33kHz, 66kHz, and 93kHz.

2) Passive detection frequency for pipelines: power frequency and radio frequency (RF).

3) Clamp identification frequency: 500Hz complex frequency.

4) Clamp current measurement frequency: 500Hz, 1kHz, 8kHz.

5) Mini Sensor identification frequency: 1kHz, 8kHz.

6) Grounding fault location frequency; 8Hz complex frequency.

3. Pipeline detection mode:

1) Smart Peak Method( Broad): it is suitable for active detection, and there is left/right direction indication. When the frequency is 500Hz or 1kHz, there is right/wrong indication.

2) Peak Method: suitable for passive detection.

3) Narrow Method.

4) Null Method.

4. Cable Identification mode:

1) Clamp Intelligent Identification.

2) Clamp Current Measurement..

3) Mini Sensor identification.

5. Human-machine Interface:

320 X 240 LCD, the signal amplitude, left/right direction, right/wrong, signal strength history curve, depth and current, and identification result can all be displayed on the LCD.

6. Internal Battery: Lithium cell battery, 7.4V, 7Ah.

7. Charger: Input: AC100~240V, 50/60Hz; Output: DC 8.4V, 2A/3A.

8. Dimension: 700mm X 270mm X 120mm for the main unit.

9. Weight: 3.5kg for the main unit.

10. Working environment: temperature: -10-40; humidity: 5-90%RH; Altitude: <4500m.

Buried Line Locator

LED and LCD signal strength indicators make it quick and easy to find exact line location.

Lightweight and ergonomically balanced.

Automatic signal boost makes it easy to trace lines, even those with very weak signals.

Receiver may be used in active or passive mode.

Receiver locates multiple passive frequencies with a single setting.

Receiver automatically locks out passive range when it detects a transmitter signal, reducing the chance of tracing other lines carrying weaker signals.


Operating Voltage: 0-600 VAC, 0-300 VDC

Current: 13mA (open line), 150mA (live or shorted line)

Frequency: 33.3kHz

Operating Temperature: 0 F to 120 F (-17 C to 50 C)

Size: 7.5" x 4" x 2.1" (190.5 mm x 101.6 mm x 53 mm)

Power: 6 VDC (4 AA batteries)

Weight: 15 oz. (425 g) (with batteries and clamp)


Depth Range:

Measures: 0-15 ft.

Traces: 0-20 ft. (10% reading + 0.2 ft.)

Depth Resolution: 0.1 ft. increments

Passive Trace Frequency: 12Hz-24kHz

Operating Temperature: 0 F to 120 F (-17 C to 50 C)

Size: 4.1" x 8.5" x 38" (104.1 mm x 215.9 mm x 965.2 mm)

Power: 6 VDC (4 AA batteries)

Weight: 1 lb. 12 oz. (794 g)



CableTracer Pro

Universal, FLexible cable tracer set

including transmitter and receiver


  Non-contact tracing of the transmission signal by the receiver

  Locates electrical cables, fuses, circuit breakers,metal pipes (such as heating pipes) and much


  Locates interrupted cables in existing installations and short-circuits in existing installation cables

  May be used with or without mains voltage

  High transmission frequency of 125 KHz allows for exact and fail-safe locating performance without

power failures

  The receiver exactly locates the search object with the aid of a bar diagram, numerical display and

acoustic signals

  Current setting shown on clearly arranged, illuminated LC displays

  Display of DC and AC voltages

  Signal coding allows as many as 7 senders to be

used with one receiver and is thus ideal for complex installation settings

  Integrated AC voltage detector recognises and locates live lines

  Permanent AC voltage warnings increase safety with transmitter and receiver

Integrated illumination of measuring points



Circuit Mapping System




 The Ultimate Circuit Locating System!


 Easy to use with no knobs or switched to adjust

 Determines which breakers are serving specific branches in seconds

Identifies lines on any wiring system including electrical, telecom, cable TV, fire and security

Eliminates equipment downtime because circuits can be tested live or dead

Saves valuable time and only requires one operator

Microprocessor based digital signal for utmost accuracy

Locates up to 96 branches concurrently (requires additional transmitters)

Set includes carry case, 24 clamps and accessories