Personal High Voltage Detectors

Products for High Voltage Detection and Personal Safety

286 SVD Personal Safety Voltage Detector

286 SVD is a sensor for sensing AC High Voltage.
Suitable for electric engineering personnel, power engineering personnel, firefighting personnel and instrument equipment workers with prominent warning when approaching high voltage projects

● Compact, easy-to-wear and convenient to use.
● Waterproof design, protection class : IP65.
● Indoor and outdoor use.
● Equipped with self-testing functions.
● Able to sense all kinds of AC high voltage system.
● Low power consumption.

288 SVD Personal Safety Voltage Detector

The Body-Prox 288 SVD is a Personal Safety Voltage Proximity Detector.
This is an instrument to alert the users that they are approaching live equipment where dangerous voltage is present.
The Body-Prox tells the user to stay at a safe distance from live equipments, therefore it protects and safeguards personel from approaching dangerous Live High Voltage equipment or cables.

● Warning Proximity of AC Voltage (240V~50kV).
● Waterproof.
● Easy-to-wear on body or belt.
● Ultra high bright LED indication.
● High pitch sound indication.
● Test & diagnostic circuitry.
● Friendly priority alert reporting.
● Circuit test function.
● High impact type casing.
● Different alerting sound & light.
● Can be adapted to Sunrise(stick).
● Meets EN 61326-1
● Dimension : 114(L) × 67(W) × 27(D) mm
● Weight : Approx. 152g (battery included)
● Power supply : 9V(6F22) × 1

Handheld Contact Voltage Detector
( Made in the USA )

Contact Voltage Detector detects the presence of voltages on structures which are supposedly voltage free such as light poles, fences, doors and literally any structure which can be contacted by an electric source. When held in the vicinity of a voltage potential, the instrument indicates the relative field strength of the surrounding electric field giving notification to the operator of its presence. A valuable tool for technicians who need to determine the safety of the enviornment or the validity of a true ground.

Contact voltage, also known as stray voltage, occurs when defective wires or cables energize objects such as manhole covers, lampposts, metal scaffolding or fencing or Wet conditions make it more likely for these objects to conduct electricity.

Then they can sweep it from side to side and up and down. As they get closer to the source of the electric field, more LEDs light up. Because the device is highly directional, more LEDs light up when the tip of the antenna is pointed directly at an energized object. They can then use a voltmeter to check the voltage on a particular object.