Flushable Transmitters

Taped to a push rod, they do a great job exploring small lines and drain field laterals.

These sturdy units are hermetically sealed and won’t leak in the most hostile environments. Although you can’t change the batteries, they are reusable – turn if off after a locate to use it again later

FV Series
The Workhorse

Versatile and powerful. The FV-Series transmitters are the lowest priced transmitters of their kind in the industry, and get the job done day in and day out. Great for cameras without a built-in transmitter, and rugged enough to give you years of service. Use the FV-10 or FV-20 in a Spring Carrier for power snaking, or taped to a jetter or push rod or other device that doesn’t subject it to heavy abuse. The heavier FV-40 needs a camera tractor to get down the line.


Size: 3/4″ x 3-1/2″
Range/cast iron: 10ft
Range/non-metallic: 15ft
Line Size: 2″ and up


Size: 3/4″ x 3-1/2″
Range/cast iron: 20ft
Range/non-metallic: 30ft
Line Size: 2″ and up


Size: 1-3/4″ x 9-3/4″
Range/cast iron: 40ft
Range/non-metallic: 60ft
Line Size: 6″ and up

Miniature Transmitter


Size: 5/8″ x 1 ¼” (with drop head)
Range/cast iron: 5 ft
Range/non-metallic: 7.5 ft
Line Size: down to 3/4″ (1½” P-trap)

Size: 13/16″ x 2” (with drop head)
Range/cast iron: 10 ft
Range/non-metallic: 15 ft
Line Size: down to 1″ (2″ P-trap)

HV Series
High Performance

These 8 KHz transmitters take locating in nonmetallic lines to new depths. This high frequency gives better range in a small package. Plus, they operate well outside power line frequency, so electrical interference is a thing of the past. The HV-40 (left) fits nicely into a Spring Carrier, the heavier HV-80 (below) will need a camera tractor to get down the line.


Size: 3/4″ x 3-½”
Range: 40 ft (non-metallic)
Line Size: 2″ and up


Size: 1-3/4″ x 9-3/4″
Range: 80 ft (non-metallic)
Line Size: 3″ and up

SB Series
The Answer to Locating in Steel or Ductile Iron Lines

Now your locates don’t have to stop where the steel begins. Penetrating steel or ductile iron requires a very low frequency, and the 16 Hz SB Series transmitters have it. Use it with your LF2200 in lines of almost any material – steel, cast iron or nonmetallic.

You’ll also find that 16 Hz is far less vulnerable to electrical interference than 512 Hz.

16 Hz electronics require significant trade-off of size vs. power, so we offer 2 versions to fit your needs:

The SB-11 is the most powerful, but may be too long for the line you’re working in. The SB-9 sacrifices some power to gain the advantage of a smaller size.


Size: 1″ x 7″
Range/steel: 9 ft
Range/cast iron: 15 ft
Range/non-metallic: 18 ft
Line Size: 4″ and up


Size: 1″ x 8-3/4″
Range/steel: 11 ft
Range/cast iron: 17 ft
Range/non-metallic: 20 ft
Line Size: 6″ and up

Connecting your FM-Series Transmitters

A Drophead (shown here with an FM-10) makes a secure and flexible connection to your fiberglass push rod. The Drophead articulates in any direction to help your transmitter negotiate bends. Dropheads are available to fit 3/16” rod (12-24 thread) or 1/4” rod (5/16-18 thread).

Add a Flexible Extension between the rod and Drophead to increase the ability to negotiate tight bends when you need a stiffer rod to be able to push further (shown with FM-05).

The Drophead screws directly onto the threaded end of your push rod.

The Flexible Extension is 3-3/4″ long, and fits between the push rod end and the Drophead. The ends are threaded to match the push rod and the Drophead.

Either Drophead will fit both the FM-05 and FM-10. Specify the rod diameter (3/16″ or 1/4″) when ordering either accessory. We recommend that you wrap some tape around every threaded joint before sending it down the line.

Specify: for 3/16″ rod
or for ¼” rod
Length: 1-3/4″

Specify: for 3/16″ rod
or for ¼” rod
Length: 3-3/4″

Spring Carriers

A Spring Carrier protects your investment

Your FV-10, FV-20 or HV-40 transmitter will not survive the trauma of being taped to a power snake, but it will be happy (and live a longer life) riding in a Spring Carrier attached to the end of your snake or push rod (see our couplers).

The transmitter rides loosely inside the spring, finding its own flex point as it works through the curves in the line. A spanner wrench (included) makes loading and unloading the spring a breeze.

SC-1.0 (light duty)
1″ diameter by 8″ long, for lines 2″ and up, SC-1.0 on a small snake or ¼” push rod

SC-1.8 (medium duty) 1 1/8″ diameter by 8 ½” long, for lines 2″ and up, SC-1.8on ½” to 3/4″ power snake or 5/16″ and larger push rod

SC-1.7 (heavy duty) 1 ¼” diameter by 14 ½” long, for lines 3″ and up, SC-1.7on 7/8″ to 1 ¼” power snake.

The metal end of the carrier has a plain flat face, it can be welded or machined for your needs. We can add a coupler for your snake, or a female thread to fit your push rod.

Light Duty use
Size: 1″ x 8″
Application: ¼” push rod
Options: plain end or female thread

Medium Duty use
Size: 1-1/8″ x 8-½”
Application: 5/16″ or larger push rod power snake to 3/4″
Options: plain end, female thread, or coupler

Heavy Duty use
Size: 1-¼” x 14-½”
Application: power snake 7/8″ and larger
Options: plain end or coupler