Water Leak Detectors

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Water Leak Detector AT-407

Water leak detection
• Acoustic sensor spectrum with ability to choose frequency minimum background noise
• Storage of 31 signal levelS with a graph displayed.
• Graphic visualization (moving chart) of sequence of measurements , max and min signal levels.
• Protection from random acoustic noise
• Intuitive control system
• Choice of bandwidth
• Two-segment indication of frequency spectrum (and “filtered”) signal.
• Depth of water leak detection – 6 m

Water Leak Detector ECO 100

The ECO 100 professional acoustic equipment, designed to capture noise and transmit them to the operator, being used as a tool to locate leaks not visible in buried pipelines, with depths of up to 1.5 m or more, depending on the water pressure.

The electronic water leak detector is the key equipment to perform any leakage research, so it is recommended to be the first equipment to be purchased by companies that want to develop leakage research activities, geophones can also be used in network location and extensions , illegal connections and fraud detection, combined with the our ECOPULSE.


• Battery
• Charger
• Main Amplifier
• Headphones
• Ground Sensor
• Listening Stick
• Carrying Case

Water Leak Detector ECO 200

The ECO 200 is an acoustic leak detector, designed to amplify, filter and analyze the sound created by leaks and transmit them to the operator being used as a tool to locate leaks not visible in buried pipes that lead water under pressure.

The ECO 200, is a digital leak detector, with makes this the perfect solution for municipal water companies and professional applications.

The Kit Includes:

• Rechargeable battery
• Battery charger
• Headset
• Preamplifier
• Piezoelectric Sensor High sensitivity
• Carrying Case
• Contact Rod, detachable
• Instruction and Operation Manual

Acoustic Leak Detector
Budget Price - Full Function

The Acoustic leak detector is designed to search for leaks in underground water Pipes.
• ACCOUSTIC leak detector
• Carry bag
• Acoustic sensor
• Feet sensor
• Headphones
• Rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries "AA"
• AC adapter 12V, 0.5A
• Instruction manual
• Carry Case Kit

Metal and non-metal pipeline locator with water leak detection function TPT-522

TPT-522 is a unique set - It consists of 3 kits:

1. water leak detector

2. cable and pipeline locator

3. non-metallic pipeline locator

The kit consists of:

• Transmitter
• Impact device
• Receiver
• Electromagnetic sensor
• Acoustic sensor
• Inductive antenna
• Headphones
• Connecting Cables
• Ground rod

PULSE GENERATOR – For plastic pipes

The pulse generator ECOVAL. It generates pulses digitally, which provides strokes of various intensities, locates networks and branches. Its installation is simple, just connect the equipment to the pipe and adjust the amount of power.

Its operating frequency can be adjusted from 15 to 400 strokes per minute.

The ECO VAL is battery-powered, with a battery life of over 20 hours, to directly provide higher performance in the field.

The Pulse Wave Generator is used with a Water Leak Detector so that it can be hear the noise generated by the pulses on the network.

Main features of the equipment:

• Fast location of pipes
• Ease of use
• Equipment powered by batteries

Pressure and Flow Datalogger

With the Ecologger the operator can always know what's happening in your distribution network. The logger simultaneously records pressure and flow easily and securely, being fully programmable by the User, including logging intervals and units of pressure and flow.

Because of its small size and its rugged housing, the Ecologger can be used even in the most adverse conditions. Its internal battery can power the logger for more than 5 years (internal lithium batteries, replaceable by the user), and its enormous memory has a capacity of over 2 million measurement values of pressure and flow.

The Ecologger allows the User to view all measurement channels on its wide display for easier viewing by the operator. During measurement, the logger makes records continuously, the user can configure all logger functions using the front keypad, removing the need for a computer in the field, thereby providing a set of complete and continuous data for optimal analysis.

Major Advantages of Equipment

• Protection Grade IP 68
• lithium internal battery lasting over 5 years (replaceable by User)
• Setup and simple operation
• Large LCD display
• Instant flow indication, totalized and pressure on the machine's display

Water Leak Correlator
Intelligent Correlator (Touch Screen)

Correlator, integrated with the low-power industrial laptop as the data processor, is the latest new generation correlator. It features compact design, simple appearance and structure. 6-8 hours continuous power supply ensure long operation time. Easy to use touch screen improve data entry and quality of data presentation. Powerful analysis software makes it convenient to analyze data on site or playback anywhere.

Standard Configuration:
• ADC-III Receiver× 1
• Sensor × 2
• Power line × 2
• Red Transmitter × 1
• Charger (mains) × 1
• Transport Case × 1
• Blue Transmitter × 1
• Antenna × 4
• Operating manual × 1