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Wall Penetrating Radar / Concrete Scanner


See in and through walls

Concretto is a lightweightportable and sturdy Wall Penetrating Radar (WPR) – an indispensable tool for every construction worker, inspector or repair man.

Concretto will ensure you:

  • have Excellent penetration depth in concrete and brick floors and walls
  • Know where to drill without damaging the structure or your equipment
  • Can quickly assess the stability of a wall, road or bridge
  • Find rebars, wires, cables and pipes on the spot


Part of your construction team

An indispensable tool for every construction team. The perfect tool for localizing rebars and wiring. Reliable in concrete inspections for cracks, cavities, etc. A must have.


  • Central Frequency: 2000MHz
  • Max Depth in Concrete: 0.7m
  • Time windows: 7ns / 14ns
  • Minimal Object Detection Resolution: 0.001m
  • Size:
  • Best at: Rebar mapping
  • Concrete Uniformity & Stability Assessment
  • Material Stability Evaluation
  • Rebar Detection & Mapping
  • Locate Any Pipe
  • Quickly find wires and cables
  • Detect cracks and weak spots in concrete structures
  • Spot air and water pockets in walls, ceilings and floors
  • Detect movement
  • Detect presence

Concretto System

  • Concretto WPR main module
  • Handle
  • Handle Extension
  • Battery charger
  • Assembly tools
  • USB data cables
  • Oerad data acquisition software
  • Backpack
  • System documentation
  • Two-year warranty