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Cable Height Meters are a handheld meters for measurement of cable sag, cable height distance and overhead clearance of conductors. It is a modern alternative to telescopic measuring poles.

Eliminates cable contact and the use of heavy fiberglass poles.

Cable Height Meter Features Quick measurements, saves time and money, No physical connection to cables or wires

How they Work

The Cable Height Meter emits short bursts of sound which originate from the cone-shaped transmitter. The microprocessor in the instrument calculates the elapsed time for the bursts of sound to be reflected from the cable back to the instrument.

The result can be displayed in either feet and inches (imperial)or meters (metric) format. To account for the fact that speed of sound varies with temperature, a temperature sensor mounted at the front of the instrument senses the actual air temperature.



  • Specially designed for non-contact and fast measurement for cable height and horizontal distance;
  • Measurement range up to 30m;
  • Inherently safe operation, easy to operate;
  • Metric/imperial system selectable;
  • Measurement of up to 6 wires at a time;
  • Auto temperature compensation for measurement results;
  • Auto power-off after 2 minutes;
  • Low battery indicator.

Measurement ranges:

3 ~ 30m (cable diameter > 25mm)
3 ~ 15m (cable diameter > 12mm)
3 ~ 12m (cable diameter > 5.5mm)
3 ~ 10m (cable diameter > 2.5mm)