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Marking and Locating of Underground Networks

Radio Frequency Identification Systems


RFID electronic markers for permanent marking of utilities being installed.

Smart Marker SML Locator

Locator designed for accurate and fast localization and detection of analog markers and Smart markers.

  • GPS navigation
  • Depth measurement accuracy
  • Internal memory capacity
  • PC connection

The built-in GPS module in the locator significantly reduces the time required to determine the position of the marker. SML stores data on individual markers directly in its internal memory. Using the virtual keyboard, it allows you to enter text information for each marker. The SML locator can be connected to a PC via a USB cable and thus transfer data to the unique Marker Database® database software

Technical specifications

GPS navigation
Built-in GPS module
Depth measurement accuracy
+/- 10%
Internal memory capacity
8000 records
PC connection
USB cable

Analog Markers

Analog MiM marker 120

An analog radio frequency marker is a passive electrical device designed for permanent marking of underground line structures.

It provides a cheap and reliable marking for less significant points of an underground line structure. It is a good solution in cases where the required indication of significant strategic points underground line structure.

MiM Marker 120 analog Is a passive analog marker designed for the permanent marking of the underground facilities. The external diameter of the markers is only 12cm which means that the MiM Marker 120 analog can be used in the narrowest trenches or in the places with bad access. MiM Marker 120 analog represents the cost friendly and reliable way of marking all types of the underground facilities where the exact and clear detection is needed.

MiM Marker 120 analog is used for the straight-lined sections of the following underground facilities:
• gas pipelines
• optical and telecommunication cables
• sewage pipelines
• energy cables
• water pipelines
• etc

Analog MiM marker 120

MAR 100-3D is an analog ball marker. It is ideal for narrower trenches.
The biggest advantage of MAR 100-3D is the spherical nature of its electromagnetic field. This greatly simplifies the installation of the marker. The strong outer PE housing of MAR 100-3D provides high resistance to mechanical damage and protection in the most demanding conditions. Two holes on the sides of the marker’s housing are intended for attaching MAR 100-3D to a line structure with fixing belts.

Analog Long Marker

KOMPLEX® produces two types of big analog flat markers – MARKER 2500 and Long MARKER. Both markers provide a reliable and inexpensive way of marking underground line structures in cases where marking of a significant network point is not required.
Marker 2500 is designed to mark line structures at a maximum depth of 1.8 m. In the past, Marker 2500 was the most common method of marking all kinds of underground networks.

Long Marker is novelty among flat analogue markers. Its advantage is a large reading range. The new design allows use of the marker down to a depth of 2.5 m

Smart Markers

SM 1500

Smart Marker SM1500 is a passive electrical device with a unique ID number.
It is intended for the permanent unique identification of a selected point under the ground.

The SM 1500 Smart Marker provides the best and most accurate method of marking and retrieving the location of underground line structures such as:

  •  Optical and telecommunication cables
  • Power cables
  • Water pipelines
  • Sewage pipelines
  • Gas Pipelines
  • CATV
  • Non potable water pipelines

MiM Smart Marker 120

MiM Smart Marker 120 represents the last type of ID marker developed in Komplex company. This marker was especially designed for exact and clear marking and detection of all strategic points of the underground facilities which are located in less depth or narrow trenches.
The serial ID number of the MiM Smart Marker 120 provides the 100% correct identification of each point of the underground facility where the MiM Smart Marker 120 is installed.

MiM Smart Marker 120 is used mainly for marking of the strategic points of the underground facility such:

  • Connections, couplings
  • Crossing with another network
  • Change of direction
  • Change of depth
  • Concurrence of several networks
  • etc.

All MiM Smart Marker 120 are visible in the PC software Marker Database® and also in the mobile phone in the Marker Database® application.

Types of markers

Red marker – 169.8 kHz
Blue marker – 145.7 kHz
Orange marker – 101.4 kHz
Yellow marker – 83.0 kHz
Cable TV
Orange-black marker – 77.0 kHz
Green marker – 121.3 kHz
Universal use
Purple marker – 66.35 kHz


It offers the possibility of cheap and reliable marking of entire routes of non-metallic lines and all significant points on them. However, it is also a suitable solution for cases where it would be appropriate to mark important strategic points even on metallic networks, which would be difficult to find by classical line tracing.


During construction or repair, the Smart Marker is placed underground, above the point of the line structure it is to mark. The pre-programmed serial ID number of each marker ensures accurate, clear and unambiguous identification of each significant point of the line structure