UTILICOM AUSTRALIA – Detecting, Locating and Inspecting Underground Assets


If you’re a part of the construction and building industry, there’s a good chance that eventually you’ll have to excavate on site, or simply know the location of buried services.

Without knowing what buried services there are, you’re putting yourself and your staff in danger of either getting injured on the job or damaging valuable underground services and exposing your business to expensive repair costs or costly legal fees.

Protect your business and Staff by investing in accurate and top-quality pipe and cable locating equipment.

Simple and Easy to use, you’ll be able to locate valuable underground utilities quickly and easily (and accuracy).

Use a pipe and cable locator to find Underground services before you dig!

Utilicom Has the Right Equipment for Locating Pipes and Cables



The LF 2200 is ready to accurately locate your underground utilities. It comes loaded with 3 built-in industry standard sonde frequencies, 16 Hz (steel or ductile iron), 512 Hz (cast iron or non-metallic) and 8 KHz (nonmetallic only) sondes.

Customize any sonde or line trace frequencies from 16 Hz to 100+KHz. And with the capability to trace underground metallic lines at 4 built-in industry standard frequencies using our BuzzBox external line exciter you will be ready to locate almost anything.

  • LCD screens come with automatic backlight and LED functions
  • 4 Position switch helps you navigate through the screens with ease
  • Handle vibration helps guide you through the steps to
  • locating both sondes and lines with accurate position as well as precise depth
  • Headphone jack is perfect for locating on a noisy site
  • Low battery indicator so you know when it’s time to change out your batteries


Introduction to Linefinders: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0sQutfaawM

Inductive Locating: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUMBTtstMOo

Conductive Locating: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcbZGqB3Fr0

Locating Buried Power Cables: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFVofr4QT9g

Locating a Sonde: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TPA41oczyk

Practice locating a Sonde: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNQYlX9MYGw

Sniffing a Frequency: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-C58q21j0E


507B is a multi-functional underground metal pipe detector. It can be used to detect low-resistance fault points of underground cables to ground, find cable paths, cable burial depth and current measurement. It can also detect underground metal pipes. 

So it is not just a pipe finding device, with a variety of optional accessories to identify the target pipe or target cable, as well as the location of pipe insulation damage, cable low resistance and broken wire faults to locate

Underground Metal Pipe Detector
Transmitter frequency: from 256Hz-200KHz(15 frequencies)
Output power: maximum 10W, adjustable in 10 levels
Output current: 0~2A
Direct connection output voltage: up to 200Vpp
Receiving frequency: Detection frequency from 256Hz-200KHz
Passive frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Positioning accuracy : depth 0-3m (±5%), depth 3-12m (±10%)
Maximum detection distance: The cable with good insulation in the direct connection method can reach up to 15KM

Pipeline detection modes:

    • Crest method
    • sound valley method
    • wave trough method  
    • peak valley method

Product Features

Detection frequencies:

  • 256Hz, 286Hz, 320Hz, 380Hz, 460Hz, 640Hz, 1280Hz, 1860Hz, 512Hz, 570Hz, 577Hz, 640Hz, 760Hz, 870Hz, 920Hz, 940Hz, 8KHz, 9KHz, 33KHz, 65KHz, 83KHz, 131KHz, 200kHz,

Detection frequencies:

  • 256Hz, 286Hz, 320Hz, 380Hz, 460Hz, 640Hz, 1280Hz, 1860Hz, 512Hz, 570Hz, 577Hz, 640Hz, 760Hz, 870Hz, 920Hz, 940Hz, 8KHz, 9KHz, 33KHz, 65KHz, 83KHz, 131KHz, 200kHz,