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Overhead Power Warning System


Warns you when the power lines get too close for comfort

Deaths, injuries, & Damage

Contact between overhead power lines and heavy equipment is dangerous, expensive and all too common. The LiveLine Defender will alert your equipment operators of the presence of nearby high voltage power lines and give them the ability to avoid contact.

Be aware of overhead live line dangers and hazards

This innovative safety product offers good sensitivity, greater interference rejection, a wide input voltage range and sensitive range settings. This new device features a signal strength meter to give the operator an indication of proximity to a detected overhead power lines

The product consists of a cab-mounted detection antenna and an in-cab-audio/visual warning unit. The system can sense the presence of overhead power cables from up to 100m away, warning the operator of potential danger

Supplied as a standalone unit, the product can easily be fitted to tipper vehicles, excavators, tele-handlers, cranes, access platforms etc.,

Look out – look up – help save lives!

  • Are you working safely at height?
  • Be aware of live overhead LiveLines!

Accidental contact with live overhead power lines results in fatal accidents every year and causes many serious injuries.

Work involving machinery capable of operating at variable heights is particularly high risk. In the construction sector for those working with lorry mounted cranes, Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP’s), scaffold poles, tipper vehicles, cranes and ladders and in agriculture involving combines, sprayer booms, materials handlers, tipper vehicles, Telehandlers and excavators. The rail industry is also a huge area of concern as many accidents occur when equipment and machinery collide with live 25,000-volt overhead railway cables.

LiveLine Defender™ offers an innovative, UK-manufactured safety product represented by Utilicom designed to prevent vehicles and variable height machinery coming into contact with high-voltage overhead power lines. It offers audible and visual warnings, greater interference rejection, a wide input voltage range and has sensitive range settings. A signal strength meter gives the operator an indication of proximity to a detected overhead power line.

This is a simple self-install, vehicle-based system with in-cab options and all-weather external mounting at the operator work station and mounted in the buckets.

Available now:

In-cab mounting with fully portable option

  • Magnetic mounted antenna or fixed location
  • 12v cigar lighter powered option with flex cable