UTILICOM AUSTRALIA – Detecting, Locating and Inspecting Underground Assets




Know where to dig

Dipolo is a pulsed dipole GPR with excellent penetration depth designed for easy carrying and rough conditions of the outdoors.

It is lightweightreliable and indispensable for every explorer. Dipolo gives you:
  • Accurate survey data with no material destruction
  • A tool to detect and predict geophysical phenomena
  • The eyes to see long lost cities, tools and manmade structures
  • The ease and excitement of surveying

The Dipolo is an Ultra-Wideband (UWB) pulsed dipole Ground Probing Radar (GPR) for non-destructive imaging of subsurface structures. It comprises of a transmitter and receiver boards and antennae and a controller board.

Every explorer’s tool

Indispensable tool for every researcher, archaeologist, geoengineer or hobbyist.

Quick assembly & startup

No fuss assembly and startup in less than 10 minutes.

Versatile & robust

Made for the harsh outdoors – waterproof, rock friendly, made to endure.

Noise reduction technology

PCBs designed with low noise topologies producing state of the art tech.

Cheap controller in your pocket

Connect to your Android device, press start and you are now surveying.

Lightweight & easy carry

Packaged neatly in a lightweight backpack, the whole system is under 3kg.

Live data, no latency

Live feed of what is under your feet – no delays, no confusions.


Mine site evaluation ensures health & safety Rock mass stability & overburden determination Mineral exploration & tunneling design

The Research Community

Stratigraphy & strata mapping and definition Water & gas pockets detection, study landslide-prone areas Glaciology & ice thickness determination


Locate lost cities, burial sites and places of worship Find pottery, weaponry or other tools of communities past

Infrastructure Planning & Construction

Evaluate construction site stability Detect sinkhole areas and prevent damage

UTILICOM AUSTRALIA – Detecting, Locating and Inspecting Underground Assets