The Cable Identification Instrument is designed to identify single and multi-core cables, which is easy to use and robust. This is a daily use tool for cable maintenance workers.

The Cable Identifier comprises a current pulse generator, a receiver and connecting tongs and cables. The generator sends a series of pulses with a peak value of 65A into the cable to be identified. This creates a magnetic field around the target cable, and use the coupling clips to induce. Then the pulse direction and current flow will be shown on the receiver, so that the operator can identify the cable safely and reliably. Arrow indication will be shown on the clips, the green LED will light when the direction of the arrow is as same as the pulse current of generator, it means the cable is which carries pulse current. In contrast, it isn’t the cable when the red LED lights.

Kit Includes
◆ Pulse generator
◆ Receiver
◆ Indentification Tong
◆ Test and power supply lead
◆ Transport case
◆ Manual